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Counselling Children

Counselling children is a great pleasure and something I love to do.
I provide a safe, private and comfortable space for children to feel confident in talking about their 'big feelings'. Parents choose to bring their child/ren to counselling for many different reasons.  Often children will come to a session and announce that "I am not going to talk" and then I find that they talk for the complete session.  Other children choose to come to counselling to talk openly to someone without having to feel like they are worrying their parents.

When you arrive at the counselling session firstly I invite the child and the parent/s in to the room to have a talk about what is going on for them.  Then I ask the child if they would like their parent/s to stay in the room with them, to go and wait outside of the room in the waiting area or if they would like their parent to go for a walk.  Most children like choose to be by themselves in their counselling session and most parents enjoy the opportunity to go to the café for a quiet drink.  Usually when the parent is booking the session I will ask what they are primarily coming to counselling for so that I can provide any necessary resources for the session.  Having worked with kids for an extremely long time, including kids with special needs I often bring my collection of sensory toys and other activities that the child might like to engage in if it makes it easier for them to settle and talk.  

At the beginning of the session I like to talk about the session being private however I do explain to the child that if they discusses anything that I think is important for their parent/parents to know that they have a choice to 1.) Tell their parent/s themselves, 2.) I offer the child that I can tell the parents or 3.) I offer the child that we can tell their parents together.  Most children choose for me to tell their parents however I have found that the children like to have a lot of input along the way.

I currently see children from the ages of 5 an upwards.  For children under this age I generally recommend seeking out play therapy.  If you would like counselling for your child please do not hesitate to call me on 0421 630 160.


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